The Villas at Old Hawthorne 

Villas_sign_6_2021The Villas at Old Hawthorne The residential development of The Villas at Old Hawthorne features luxury single family homes and attached townhomes on the golf course or near the golf course at Old Hawthorne. The area is governed by the Home-Owners Association (HOA) and the covenants of the Villas at Old Hawthorne. Every new homeowner moving into the area becomes a member of the association. 

Residents are required to pay assessments twice each year (April and October) for the work of landscaping maintenance, mowing, irrigation, and snow removal for The Villas neighborhood. There is a seven-member board that manages the HOA. Landscaping is an important part of the appearance of our community. Any landscaping must be approved by the board before installation. Approval must be given before new yards may connect to the HOA irrigation system. Yards will be irrigated and mowed by the lawn care company contracted by the HOA. The company will maintain front yard shrub and tree beds. Lawn care includes spring mulching the beds and trimming plants as well as the application of seasonal fertilizer and weed preventer to the yards. Individual flower gardens or shrub beds at the back of the house must be installed and maintained by the homeowner after approval by the HOA board. For the winter months, the HOA contracts with a vendor for snow removal on sidewalks and driveways. Welcome to the neighborhood! We hope that you enjoy the maintenance-free lifestyle.