Club Operating Guidelines
August 19 

  • Golf/Racquets Shop: Masks are to be worn at all times when you are in the golf or racquets shops. 
  • Clubhouse: Masks are to be worn in the hallways, the upstairs offices and until you are seated in the bar, grille or on the patio. 
  • Bar, Grille & Patio: Masks are to be worn until you are seated in any of these areas. If you are entering, exiting, get up to speak with someone or using the restroom you should have your mask on. 
  • Fitness Center: Masks are required in shared spaces like the locker room and hallway area. Masks are not required while working out, but are encouraged for non-cardio workouts. Please maintain social distancing at all times while in the fitness center. 
  • Racquets/Swimming/Golf: Masks are to be worn only if you cannot maintain social distancing from others. 
  • Events: We have been sending out event expectations prior to all club events so attendees are aware of our procedures for that particular event. 


  • Carts: Due to the high number of carts being used for single riders and problems with running out of golf carts, the club has invested in removable cart dividers that separate the players while riding in the golf cart. Therefore, we will expect players that are not from the same household to share a cart. You may choose to have your own cart but must pay a double cart fee to do so. Private carts are also still allowed with the payment of a cart fee (except for annual cart plan participants). 
  • Bunker Rakes: Currently we have bunker rakes on each golf cart instead of on the golf course. If you are walking and do not have access to a rake please smooth over the bunker surface upon exiting. 
  • Handicap Posting: While our handicap computer is not currently being used please remember that it is your duty to post all scores to the GHIN handicap system app or online. Please contact the golf shop staff to help you with setup. 
  • Parking:Please do not park along the street next to the practice facilities unless there are no spots available in the parking lot. Unfortunately, this does not allow the free flow of traffic and the possibility of damage to a vehicle or a wreck are increased. 


  • Court Booking: Please remember it is required to book tennis and pickleball courts for usage for members and all accompanied guests. 
  • Guests: A guest is limited to using our courts (2) times per month. 


  • Cleanliness: Everyone who uses the fitness center has the responsibility to do their part in keeping it clean. A staff member cleans it multiple times a day, but that does not fully cover it. Please keep the following in mind: (1) if you are going to touch it, clean it, and (2) if you have touched it, clean it . Disinfecting wipes, sprays and towels are always available so that you can do your part. 
  • Organization: If you use free weights, a physio ball, weighted ball, yoga mat, etc. please put all of these items back where you got them after wiping them down. 


  • Reservations: While reservations are not required, they are highly encouraged (especially for dinner) to ensure we have seating for you. 
  • Tables: Table sizes are available from 2-8 people. The maximum number of people we can have at a table is 10. To make sure we can have the desired table size please make a reservation so we can prepare it for you. Moving tables around either inside or outside is not allowed without a reservation. 
  • Bar Service: Please do not order drinks at the bar or congregate in this area. Our service staff will take your order when you are seated at your table. 
  • Events: We are still booking private events and hosting club events, but will only do so if they can be conducted safely and responsibly while respecting the current order in place from our Health Department. 


  • Reservations: Reservations are no longer necessary. Our staff will manage a 100-person capacity inside the pool gates on all days. Once capacity is reached, we will close the gates. We ask that you check in when you arrive and check out when you are leaving. You may call the pool at 573.442.5280 Ext. 8 to check the current capacity. Call ahead reservations to hold spots will not be allowed. 
  • Sanitation: Staff members will be cleaning regularly on the pool deck as well as in the locker rooms. 
  • Guests: Guest are only allowed during the weekdays (Mon-Fri). Guests are not allowed on weekends and holidays. Weekends are by far our busiest times and we must reserve them for our dues-paying members. 
  • Limitations: Out of respect for other members and their ability to use the pool we ask that each family limit their pool usage to (1) time on the weekends. We also ask that families limit their time to (3) hours at the pool so we can accommodate as many members as possible. 
  • Parties: Right now, we can accommodate small group parties on a very limited basis during the weekdays only. Please contact Private Events Manager, Christean Nguyen, to discuss dates and fees. 
  • Schedule: Currently, we are planning on keeping the pool open past the Labor Day weekend at least through Sunday, September 20th. We will further evaluate the need as we get closer to September. 
  • Online Ordering: During the weekdays we will transition to the online ordering system through our club app. We will still provide chair and table-side service on the weekends and holidays. Please click here for instructions for online ordering
  • Hours of Operation: Usually, we must adjust hours as the majority, or all, of our pool staff goes back to school. We have been able to have un-staffed hours and keep the pool gates open in the past. However, due to capacity requirements this year we likely will not be able to leave the pool gates open without staff there. We are currently checking on any changes that will be made for our hours of operation and will communicate them to you ASAP.