Our 6 week program is geared in developing the muscles we use to execute our golf swing. It will improve your flexibility, endurance, strength, mobility and stability to enhance your golf game for our upcoming season. Golf conditioning will strengthen joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments—limiting your chances of injury while playing golf. After our Christmas break I will continue our post season golf training for 6 more weeks for those who wish to stay committed for the same advertised price. This will help keep you in shape so that you will be well conditioned by the time your golf game is in full swing next year.

This program and training is based on Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) our top golf conditioning institute in the nation. If you want to condition your body and play better golf next year, don’t miss out on this opportunity! Make sure to email me if you are interested so that I can hold your spot for class. It is sure to fill up in a hurry!  When you email me your confirmation for the class please include your shirt size


If you want to see what Titleist Performance Institute is all about feel free to view their website at:www.mytpi.com