Hole 17

 Hole 17


The 17th hole completes an excellent stretch of three straight birdie opportunity holes for the player as they complete their round.  After playing a short par 5 and a short par 3, golfers now face a short par 4 in which driving the green is a feasible option.  At 353 yards from the tournament tees and slightly downhill, this is a hole where golfers can be aggressive.  A gathering of bunkers throughout the landing area and near the green help to define a multitude of options for the players, but there is little other trouble on the golf hole.  With only one hole left on the course, this is a hole that players will tend to want to be assertive with.  The green is circled by fairway left, right and short.  The green is a small target, the smallest green on the golf course at just over 5,000 square feet.  It is a plateau green with no support and a relatively flat surface.  Golfers will tend to have short irons in their hands as they approach the green and will need to be exact with their shots to keep their approach shots on the green.  A deep bunker across the back of the green awaits those who can not hold the surface with their shot.