Hole 3

 Hole 3


The 3rd hole is a neat, shorter par 4 playing 411 yards from the tournament tees.  The tees sit in the bottom of the valley with the landing area on top of a natural ridge coming in from the right-hand side.  A large intimidating bunker guards the left-hand side of the fairway and a smaller pot bunker up on top of the ridge splits the landing area into two halves.  The hole is a soft dogleg left and there is a lot of value in trying to carry into the left-hand portion of the fairway as it sets up a better angle of approach into the green and shortens the hole considerably.  The priority for the player off the tee though, needs to be getting their tee shot up on top of the ridge.  Balls that hit short on the slope quite possibly could roll back toward the tee, leaving the player with a longer, blind second shot over the ridge to the green.  At the green a large bunker guards the front right portion of the green and the fairway swings in from the left-hand side into the green.  The green itself is long and narrow and a large transition slope a third of the way into the green helps to create a variety of hole locations for the golfers.  This hole is about position and not so much about brute strength as the natural contours of the hole create quite a few options for the players.