Hole 8

 Hole 8


The 8th hole at Old Hawthorne is a spectacular, strategic hole for all golfers.  Having just played the longest par 5 and longest par 3 on the course back to back, they will now encounter one of the shortest par 4's on the course.  This hole plays from elevated tee boxes at a yardage of 334 yards from the tournament tees.  This is a true risk/reward hole in which golfers have all sorts of options with their tee shot.  The green sits on the far side of Grindstone Creek with fairway available on both sides of the creek.  A combination of pot bunkers and a couple of large meandering bunkers along the creek help to define a variety of options a player has.  A conservative mid to short iron off the tee will still leave the players with a short iron or a wedge shot into the green.  More aggressive options of play, including the potential for driving the green are readily available.  It will require a most precise shot to hit the long narrow green that sits right on the edge of the creek.  A deep pot bunker on the left side of the green also needs to be considered.  The green itself has a strong contour running into the green surface and most of the green falls towards the creek so the player that bails out to the left of the green or over the green, must negotiate the slippery slope coming back to the hole location.  Overall the 8th hole should be one of the most fun and dynamic holes on the golf course as the golfers try and figure out how best to play the hole among the four or five potential options.